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 PRACTICE PODS - for people who want to live by design not default

A PRACTICE POD is a small online group committed to keep you growing, learning and practicing healthy living skills.

A Pod comes as a set of 3 sessions that are completed within 6 weeks and contain the same 3-4 people.  Think of a pod as your own personal accountability coaching group. It is limited to 3 sessions - short enough to be effective and long enough to build rapport and accountability.


Each Pod has a general focus but your goals and intentions are entirely your own - you might come with something you want to work on or you might be inspired by what goes on in the group and that determines your focus until the next session. Coaching pods are dynamic, interactive and they result in change.

Having some fundamentals under your belt makes your pod experience richer. If you've done some training or a formal course that teaches the fundamentals of mindfulness practice or cognitive behavioral tools then you're good to go! If you've done my metabolic courses then you are also welcome to join a coaching pod.

Think of these pods as further training - like going to a yoga class - we all come with different experience levels and skills but we all learn our own lessons in the group setting. We learn from the facilitator and from each other.

Want to come along?

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