Mindfulness for Medical Partners -

8 week  Resiliency Training in the Real World 

MMP 2020 is on hold

DATES:    8 SUNDAYS  starting MAY 10 2020   330 - 530pm

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: This course is for physicians and their partners.* As it will be taught live, it is available only to those who can attend the 8 sessions on Vancouver Island. * Partner is defined however you would like to define it - Life-partner or your business or office partner - you choose!

WHY ATTEND?: Investing in your own mental health is always a good idea. Investing in the health of your relationships is always a great idea! Think of these 8 sessions as pre-emptive therapy!


You will not be asked to share details of your life or your relationship -  you will learn tools and strategies that will make you healthier as an individual, and that means the healthier you can be in relationship. All of your relationships!

NATURE OF THE COURSE: 8 x 120 minute weekly sessions  with the expectation that practice and readings (anticipate approximately a 30 minute a day commitment) will be done between sessions. This is a skills based learning experience - it is not ''touchy-feely stuff". Evidence shows that when we communicate better and connect better we are more proficient in everything we do - our families benefit and so do our patients.

This offering is based on the popular MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)  and local ALM (Art of Living Mindfully) courses. If you have already taken one of these courses you will still benefit from a repeat  - there is always more to learn!


Take this opportunity to learn with your spouse/partner, OR come on your own - everyone in your life will still benefit!

LOCATION: Victoria, BC, Canada  RJH Campus

TIMING: Sundays 330 - 530  MAY 10  17 (if there are enough people in town )  24   31  June 7  14  21  28  2020

COST: $875 per couple (includes workbooks) until March 1  $950 after March 1 2020

             $450 single


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