My Interests

(bordering on passions!)

I have a deeply held belief that the quality of our lives is determined to a large extent by our choices. Sometimes we need to make different choices when things are not working well. Different choices are what create CHANGE. There are 3 things that change requires: ELUCIDATION (you have to start where you are!), ENLIGHTENMENT (making educated choices is an important part of making therapeutic choices), and then comes EMPOWERMENT (this is where change actually happens!). I love helping people learn how to work through these steps in order to come to new places.

Your metabolism, simply put, is the process by which your body converts the food you eat into useable energy at the cellular level.Your metabolism is a complex system founded on your genetics and impacted by your energy needs, the fuel you provide and input from other body systems. Changing the fuel, understanding the signals, and learning how to work with your body can have a profound impact on how you feel. Understanding and working with your metabolism can also move you towards healing.



Mindfulness and the practice of meditation have had a profound impact in my life. On top of the benefits of my personal meditation journey, I have also had the privilege of seeing the practice of mindfulness heal and change many, many lives as I have taught patients to meditate. The gentle shifts and changes that occur as awareness and a kind approach grow in people results in phenomenal potential for healing and new behaviours. Mindfulness truly is the foundation of therapeutic choices!


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