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MBRP - Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention     

  • Changing the way we do anything is HARD WORK!  In fact the process of change is fraught with disappointing failures and set backs – this 8 week course uses the principles of mindfulness and the tools of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help us learn how to get back on track with healthy eating practices

  • This course DOES NOT ADDRESS what healthy eating looks like for you nor will we be discussing details on what to eat ,when or, how much.

  • MBRP was originally designed and tested for use by people with substance use disorders. We will be using it to address behaviours around changing habits in the area of food and diet.

  • At the moment this course is wait-listed only. Please submit your details if you would like to be on the wait-list, OR you would like to be notified about future MBRP courses.

  • Time Date and Place: The course will be held  several times throughout the year

  • Sessions will be held via ZOOM

  • Cost $ 450.00 CAD

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