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Welcome to your second Meditation -

The Brain Training continues!

Just a reminder to find a quiet spot and a comfortable chair. No need to build a specialized annex onto your house to meditate in.


A dining room chair in a quiet house (maybe you can get up before everyone else) will work just fine. The chair should be comfortable but not too comfy. You want to pay attention, not go to sleep.


Like a little spark, use the guided meditation recording to get you started AND THEN, either at the prompt in the recording or after it is finished, sit on your own for whatever length of time is ‘doable’ for you: this might be 2 minutes. It might be 8 minutes. End your time with a Belly Breath and go back into your day (or resume the recording to finish the guidance).



Don't try and over-achieve – you know what I mean: 

3 minutes is for sissies!
5 minutes seems ridiculously short.
Surely I can do 10 minutes!
Resist this!

Start small and STAY small for at least a couple of weeks. This is brain training – it takes time to lay down those new tracks in your gray matter. Give it time!

Hello Body!

Today we will be doing a guided Body Scan – we use the parts of the body to train our minds to stay on task as we notice each part of the body. Paying attention to the body has the added benefit of allowing us to notice what’s happening in our physical self.


(Meditation 1 +) Meditation 2

Use this recording on its own or, if you like, start with the first recording and then listen to todays for a slightly longer ‘sit.’

Remember, you can pause the recording, meditate for as long as you like and then return to the recording to guide to you to the conclusion.

I'll be back in a few days with next weeks' Meditations.


Dr. Trish

Remember you can download MP3 versions of the meditation guides from the website and listen offline!

Intro to MindfulnessMeditation


Week 1, Meditation 2

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