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Look at You!

Here you are with three weeks of meditation practice under your belt!

Congratulations on your commitment and your dedication to improving things for yourself!

Full Disclosure

Now, in case you didn’t actually sit Every. Single. Day. of the last 3 weeks – don’t be hard on yourself.

Forming new patterns in life is HARD, and beating yourself up about less than ‘perfect’ performance is not only useless (probably familiar but still not helpful) but it is actually the antithesis of a mindful attitude. Mindfulness is about noticing your experience, without judgment.

"Most Days"

Meditation skills develop best with regular practice but meditation is helpful even with semi-regular practice. Hopefully you sat most days in the last three weeks because, if you did then you have a good foundation of basic mindfulness skills.


If you didn’t, then just like we do when we are ‘sitting’, come back to paying attention. So, start again. Come back to the basic practices and pause in your day. Pay attention. Grow your mindfulness skills, one sit at a time.

AWARENESS - Paying Attention

Training our brains (to pay attention to what we want to pay attention to) allows us to actually do some of the work that meditation enables us to do , whether that is focused on healing or on enhancing performance.

Today we will introduce one more foundational practice: Metta meditation – also called compassion practice.

KINDNESS - Connecting

'Metta meditation' starts with imagery and repetitive wishes for one’s well-being. In its entirety it moves through several tiers of connection but we will begin and end in this series with the kernel of the practice which is self-compassion.

Awareness of all the ‘stuff’ in your head (and in your body) is the first skill of mindfulness. Meeting it with kindness (compassion) is the second (essential) part of mindfulness.

Now….to practice.

Be. With. What. Is. ….and Breathe.

Dr. Trish

Intro to MindfulnessMeditation

 Week 3, Meditation 2

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