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Hey! Where are you sitting?

Have you found a place to meditate that seems to work well for you?

IF not, keep experimenting. You can meditate ANYWHERE, but some places are easier than others. People tell me that they meditate in the bathtub, in their car in their driveway (before they go into the house at the end of their work day), on the back porch or at the beach and while on public transportation.

There is no one best place! The key is to do it somewhere for at least a few minutes every day. Pause and pay attention.

Sit Longer... Wherever You Are

Today's recording continues the theme of Mindful Awareness – it a little bit longer than before.

At this stage or sometime in the future, you will find that you want to meditate but either you will not have easy access to a guided recording, or you will find that you don’t actually need (or even like) having someone guide you – no problem!

Simply, pause. Adjust your posture. Take a belly breath or 3. Pay attention. Keep coming back to your anchor.

Hopefully you have been practicing ‘sitting’ for a few minutes each day on your own (maybe in the middle of the recording) – this is good practice for the future!

Take Your Time

Lengthen the time you sit in tiny increments, very slowly. Are you sitting for 3 minutes on your own? Do this for a month before increasing it to 4 or maybe 5 minutes. Do this length of time for another month before changing it.

It takes time to create healthy stable habits. Meditation is POWERFUL but it is not a ‘quick fix”!

You're doing this! 

I'll be back in a few days with your next Meditation.

Dr. Trish

Intro to MindfulnessMeditation

 Week 3, Meditation 1

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