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Trish Snozyk MD

Health Literacy
Wellness Coaching

If you want better performance at work, on your bike (or whatever other physical pursuits you enjoy) or in your relationships, if  you want more balance in your life or you want to be healthier and happier – there are tools and skills (based in science and my 30 years of experience) that I can share with you!



 7 Sessions including a 60-minute lab and medical history review.



We'll focus in on disease prevention and symptom management. Using a guided ATE (Approach To Eating) we’ll start by assessing where you are and get the healing process started. This is best for people with pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammatory conditions etc.


       EATING 101

We'll review your diet and tweak it so you can start accessing energy and better sleep. These sessions help you navigate the confusing nutritional advice out there and clarify the best dietary approach for YOU. Suitable for those looking to improve their understanding and application of nutrition to create a body that feels better because it works better!



Flexible thinking and emotional agility will change your life! If you want to change your life, you have to change how you think. These essential skills will produce powerful results in every relationship you have! 



Introductory mindfulness or, build further skills in a second level course. We explore the fundamentals of establishing a meditative practice and go deeper into the skills of self-compassion, letting go, and self-awareness.


           BUDDHA MIND - relapse prevention

These mindfulness-based sessions are founded on scientific research. We'll learn skills and tools that are effective in managing cravings and changing unhelpful behaviors. This course is not meant for  those who are actively using substances (including food addiction) but it is a powerful adjunct in the recovery process.

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