WHY do you need a Health Consultant?

It's CONFUSING out there!  Studies, headlines, advice and experiences all conflict with each other!

What should YOU do? Or, maybe you know what to do BUT you're NOT DOING IT!

Investing in your health is always a great idea! Working with an experienced professional to guide you increases your chances of  improvement 100-fold!

As a Health and Wellness Consultant, my goal is to empower you to make healthy choices so your mind and your body work together to enhance your well-being no matter your genetics, your diagnosis or your circumstances.

I want you to THRIVE in your life, not just make it to the weekend!

I want to support you in habits and choices that give you all the energy, joy and delight that life holds for all of us.


You can learn to work with your biology to create a life and body you love.

Coaching PODS  ~ Small Group Coaching

COMING SOON - Coaching Pods for those that have completed a fundamentals course in cognitive behavioural tools or mindfulness practice.  Click HERE to sign up for our monthly email - filled with inspiration and ideas to keep you on a healthy track. This is where we will announce the launch of Mindfulness and Cognitive Tool Pods.

PERFECT for those who want to focus in on a specific area and want to benefit from the powerful energy and support of a small group.

A Pod consists of 3 x 1 hour* sessions, spread over 1 month. It contains the same 3-6 participants for those 3 sessions which nurtures accountability and continuity.  The sessions are held on ZOOM.

        * Session length: 60 minute hour for a 3-4 person pod and a 75 minute 'hour' for a 5-6 person pod

Currently Coaching Pods are offered ONLY to  participants of the Metabolic Restoration and Follow up Courses.

One on One Coaching

PERFECT for you if:

  • you want privacy and accountability

  • you're tired of trying to manage your health on your own

  • you're not sure where or how to start 'being healthier'

 We meet face to face* to CLARIFY your goals and then EQUIP you to meet them.

           * or via an online platform such as Zoom

Packages of 3 or 6 sessions available.

More DETAILS on One on One Coaching

DISCLAIMER:  This website offers health and wellness ideas. No doctor-patient relationship is formed and individual medical advice is NEVER offered.  See your own physician for personalized advice.


 Health & Wellness Consulting