About dr Trish MD  CCFP

I am trained as a Family Physician and have practiced in Canada including a brief stint in the North as well as spending several years working as a Family Doctor in the Middle East. Over the last several years my practice has honed in on several fundamental areas that I find particularly challenging, inspiring and hopeful: Mental health skills, Metabolism and Whole Body Health. I round out my practice with days in the operating room assisting at surgeries as varied as replacing a hip to repairing a heart valve to removing a thyroid tumour.

I love helping people reconnect with their bodies in productive healing ways. And I try and do this by offering my best interpretation of the current medical literature and by teaching people skills that will empower them to make choices for themselves that are therapeutic and rewarding.

I believe that educating and inspiring people is an important way to help them. Medical school (University of Calgary) was amazing – I loved it. And I have continued to learn since I graduated (which was in the last century!) from my patients, from colleagues and from the experiences I have been privileged to have in medical practices in Canada and abroad, in the office and in the operating room.

I am also a proud mother and a wife. I love to read and play tennis, hang with my 'horse buddies,' study 'lots of different things' and search for the next 'best picnic spot.'

At therapeuticchoices.ca, I invite you to explore this 'online version' of my medical practice.


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