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 About Me

Hello, I'm Trish



I'm a Medical Doctor AND a Health and Wellness Consultant. Think of me as a guide dedicated to helping you create and live your life in a body you love!

I'm an unshakeable optimist - I believe that wellness and body love is possible for everyone, no matter where you're at - training for your fourth marathon or dealing with a chronic disease.

dr Trish at Therapeutic Choices

Health is not the same as the absence of disease

My fascination with the biology and biochemistry of the human body was fueled and expanded by my medical training, which was great! I still get super excited about mitochondria and the Krebs cycle!


But as I  practiced medicine, in clinics and private practice, on an Eating Disorders ward and in the operating room, I soon realized that understanding the physiology and physics of biologic function was not enough to make people well.


It didn't address the anxiety and despair and hopelessness that I saw. The sense of 'unwellness' that  you might recognize in yourself as overwhelm or exhaustion. The tiredness that you feel before you've even left for work. The lack of spark about...anything.


X-Ray Results


Often, this fatigue and the inertia that results from feeling overwhelmed comes from having too much information and too many choices.

What should we do?

Who should we trust?


How do we begin to sort out what we need to know and even more importantly, what we should do to be healthy?

Well-Being is a SKILL

Our ancestors evolved to SURVIVE and that means that we inherited the ability to worry, avoid and defend.  A state of WELLNESS and FEELING GOOD is not our default setting. Survival is the first priority of our biology.

BUT, don't worry - even though they are not our default, happiness and feeling great are absolutely possible. In fact we are designed for them!  We can grow beyond our evolutionary default settings.

Well-being skills can be learned. Healing comes from practicing restorative and nourishing behaviours.  What we choose to practice consistently is what ultimately leads to a healthy body and a happy life.

It all comes down to WHAT YOU CHOOSE.

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