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Why Meditate ?

Meditation trains your brain….


So that:

  • You can see your choices… before you choose. You become less reactive.

  • You can avoid the vortex that despair and anxiety create​ in you. Instead you see them as simply ‘states.’ You stop          running away from what you fear.

  • You learn to observe your inner experience and this allows you to choose how you want that experience to be. Instead  of harsh, critical, judgemental reactions, you choose to be curious, patient, and even kind to yourself. You begin to move in your world in a more empowered, positive way.

  • You become aware of life as it unfolds in real time. You stop regretting and you stop worrying – those habits are irrelevant in 'real time.'

Meditation EMPOWERS. It CALMS. It CHANGES people.

Meditation is in many ways very very simple. So simple in fact that sometimes it seems like we have to complicate it to make it more important – so we study it, go on retreat, listen to chanting, chant ourselves or do whatever we can think up to keep ourselves from sitting down and just BEING (which is all meditation asks of us). When you stop thinking about it, judging it and avoiding it, all you have to do is STOP.


Stop doing anything and just BE. Breathe. Observe. Breathe some more.


Meditation is simple, even if it's not that easy – I’ll give you that. Being quiet with your mind can be a scary thing – there can be a lot of 'crazy-a** stuff’ up there! But meditation gives you a way to be with whatever is in your head. It's not complicated - like the Nike tag line, you JUST DO IT. Why not start right now?


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