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Here's more WHAT NOT TO DO when you start meditating:

Don't try and stop your thoughts.

It's impossible to do. So long as you are alive, your brain will produce thoughts. It's what the brain does.

Where does your Mind Go?

But it can be useful to notice what kind of thoughts you come up with:

       thoughts about stuff from the past (the past 5 minutes or 23 years ago);

       thoughts about the future (what's for breakfast, or who am I going to marry?).


       Criticism, plans, problem-solving, fantasies – where does your mind go?

Name That Thought!

Once you notice the thoughts – see if you can name what kind of thoughts they are: planning, day dreaming, problem solving rehashing or ruminating.


OR, simply call what you notice ‘thinking’, and move your attention back to your ‘anchor’ (your breath).

Today's meditation uses breath as your main anchor but introduces a few simple tools that can help you pay attention to the breath when the mind is in full chaos mode and it seems difficult to even notice that you're breathing!

Remember meditation gets easier the more you do it! And remember you can download the MP3 of today's meditation lesson to listen to off line

I'll be back in a few days with your next meditation.

​Pause and Breathe

Dr. Trish

Intro to MindfulnessMeditation


Week 2, Meditation 2

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