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5 Ways to Get Your Mojo back

It's cold outside!

It seems we’ve had a lot of cold dreary days recently. Truth be told, there are probably the same number of grey days as last week and at this time last year – but I always feel a little deflated right about now, sunshine or not.

It’s not quite spring and I’m tired of the cold. It feels like it’s time to do some spring cleaning, get things organized (taxes anyone?) and make a plan for the months ahead (wonder what the next few months of this pandemic are going to hold?)

But I don’t feel like doing any of this.

I’ve lost my Mojo. It’s gone, or maybe it’s just asleep. I know it's gone because I’m not doing things I know make me feel good. Yes, I’m still doing the basics like brushing my teeth and walking the dog. (I'm not that far gone!) But my meditation chair is cold and lonely, my exercise log is empty, and I haven’t been for coffee or a walk with anyone in 3 weeks (socially distanced of course!)

Hibernating Mojo

I know I am not alone here. This end of winter slump is a real thing. So, what can we do when our Mojo has gone into hibernation? When we can’t summon up the enthusiasm to keep investing in ourselves? When we need some inspiration?

Access what we can, when we can.

This is when our compassion habits kick in!

Here are some simple ways to awaken the Mojo:

  1. Be nice to ourselves in simple, time efficient ways

    • Light a candle when we take a bath.

    • Order in.

    • Use those new sheets, those fancy dishes, the cloth napkins.

    • Listen to something that inspires, soothes or entertains us – our energizing playlist (everyone should have one, exactly for times like this!), a meditation* or a podcast that we enjoy. Even listening to the sound of a fire crackling.

    • Move – it doesn’t have to be the usual work-out. Hold a dance party for one or take a walk using a different route. Maybe stay in and do a deep clean of the cupboards in the spare bathroom

  2. Really stick to our morning and evening routines – ease into the day and ease out of the day. Go to bed on time and get up at a reasonable time.

  3. Make a list every single day this week that celebrates something – it might be a GRATITUDE list or a list of GOOD FOR ME’s or a list of THINGS WE LOVE. Lists can be long or short (2 things makes a list in my opinion!). The list can be in our heads or on paper, although I think there is something magical about writing stuff down….

  4. CONNECT with energy and light in some way, EVERY DAY. This can be on-line, in print, or in person. Browse an inspiring website or blog. Read a good book or re-read a great one. Reach out and connect with someone via text or phone or live – just say ‘HI’. Pick up that guitar or saxophone - make some noise! Get out in NATURE and take some deep breaths. Look around! Feel the ground beneath our feet or the sensation of water on our skin!

  5. Do something for SOMEONE ELSE – this is a powerful Mojo awakener! Even a small act of kindness toward another being can shift our energy in a positive way. Share a batch of cookies. Pick up the trash we see on our walk or on the beach. Let someone go ahead of us in line. Donate something. Pay for a stranger’s coffee. This will not only awaken our Mojo, but someone else’s too! How great is that?!

Want more?

For more Mojo motivation, sign up for my monthly email if you haven’t already. We can stay in touch via these little progress notes and get our Mojos going! You’ll get reminders about new meditations*, low carb recipes, upcoming events and habit hacks to check out.


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